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4 Tips for Creating Awesome Tweets

Want to Know How to Write the Perfect Twitter Post for Your Business?

Minor tweaks to the text in your tweets can drive huge improvements in your results. Here are 4 tips for creating awesome tweets:

1. Try to avoid using all 140 characters

Rumors are always out there about Twitter’s character limit, tweets still come with a maximum of 140 characters. However, any images, videos, polls, or tweets that you quote don’t count against your 140 characters.

PRO TIP; Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17 percent higher engagement rate. And more recently, Twitter shared that Promoted Tweets with 40-60 characters of copy result in a much lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), also known as “Cost Per Action” than longer Tweets.

If you want to make an impact with your tweet, try to keep it as short as possible.

2. Avoid too many distracting hashtags

Twitter is where hashtags exploded into mainstream Internet culture, but interestingly, jamming a number of hashtags into your tweets probably won’t drive too many clicks.

From Twitter’s Business blog:

Hashtags link to all the other mentions of that phrase, and are useful if you’re focused on engagement. But, if your goal is have people go to your website or follow your account, you don’t want to risk someone clicking on a hashtag instead of your call-to-action.


Think about the purpose of your post before you add any hashtags. If you’re looking for your post to reach new audiences or trying to boost engagement, a hashtag or two can make sense. But if you’re looking for clicks from your existing audience, it could be best to not use hashtags at all.

3. When sharing links – rewrite your headline

When sharing a link in your tweet, think about headlines you could share or ways you could use some key quotes or stats from the post within your 140 characters.

When links are shared to Twitter, the headline is displayed within the Twitter card and it is good to avoid repeating it in your tweet.

4. Tell the reader if your content is “new”

Twitter is all about real-time and in-the-moment content. When people open their timelines (your stream of tweets from accounts you have chosen to follow on Twitter) they’re often looking to discover what’s going on in the world that they choose to follow.

PRO TIP: With Twitter Ads, tweets that mention “new” products or services achieve a 10 percent lower CPA and a 26 percent lower cost-per-click (CPC) and we believe the same to be true for organic, non-promoted tweets.

If you want to boost your clicks and engagement, tell your audience when something is “new”.

Ideal image sizes for Twitter

Images now appear uncropped on Twitter, so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed. The minimum display size for an image on Twitter is 440 x 220.

Here are some recommended guidelines for Twitter images:

  • Minimum image size 440 x 220 pixels (a 2:1 ratio)
  • You can tweet up to 4 images within one tweet
  • Maximum display size 1024 x 512 pixels
  • Photos can be up to 5MB; animated GIFs can be up to 5MB on mobile, and up to 15MB on web
  • You can upload  GIF, JPEG, and PNG files
  • Your photo will be automatically scaled for display in your expanded Tweet and in your user gallery

At LMB Media Group, we tend to make our images 1024 x 512 pixels for Twitter. 

After this 3 part series, you now know the importance of tailoring your message to each social platform you’re sharing on, we hope this series helps you with your Social Media Marketing.

Larry Brooks
Campbell Chamber 2017 Board President
LMB Media Group

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