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24 Apr 2017
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Opening A Business In Campbell

My husband, Arlin, and I just finished the process of opening Rita’s of Campbell at 475 E. Campbell Avenue. This was our first experience of going through the process of getting all the necessary permits, licenses and approvals from all the different agencies involved and I thought it would help other small businesses that are looking at opening a business in Campbell CA.

First I want to say that I have been involved with the Campbell Chamber of Commerce for the past 4 years and the fact that the franchise company had the territory of Campbell and Los Gatos available, we just knew that we wanted to open our first shop in Campbell.

I remember the day that I first walked into the City of Campbell to start this process and was greeted by someone from the Campbell Community Development Department, who handed me a stack of forms that I needed to start filling out. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. However, the team at the department understood that this was my first planning project and they walked me through the process of what I had to do. I wanted to try to simplify this process to share with you. Read more!

27 Mar 2017
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Preventing Employee Lawsuits

There is in the Bay Area an epidemic of lawsuits against small and mid-sized businesses by their former and current employees.  Thousands of Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyers are trolling on the internet looking for people willing to sue their current or former employer looking to cash in on any alleged violation of hundreds of ridiculously complicated and constantly changing laws.  These lawsuits cost California employers billions of dollars every year.

The most common employee lawsuits are for the following:

  • misclassification of exempt employees and independent contractors
  • wrongful termination and retaliation
  • failure to pay for all hours worked
  • failure to provide proper meal and rest breaks
  • harassment and discrimination
  • pay stub violations
  • failure to pay commissions or bonuses
  • paid sick leave violations
  • improper piece-work pay
  • equal pay violations

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17 Mar 2017
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Member Spotlight: Norcal Brain Center

Norcal Brain Center is a local healthcare clinic that specializes in treating neurological disorders.   We specialize in treating Developmental Disorders such as ADHD or Autism, Dizziness, Migraines, and Concussions.  Our treatments are non-invasive and drug-free, and our goal is to fix the root cause of the issues from which people are suffering.  Our mission is to improve the health of our community so that our future generations can live a brighter and more optimized lifestyle. Read more!

03 Mar 2017
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Member Spotlight: Tammy Chavez Holiday Inn San Jose Silicon Valley

Tammy Chavez of the Holiday Inn San Jose Silicon Valley has been a member of the Campbell Chamber of Commerce for over four years. She joined while she was working at Buca di Beppo so she could network within the community as well as make new contacts within Campbell. Tammy regularly attended the monthly luncheons as well as many other Chamber events. Read more!

28 Feb 2017
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Tax Tips

The tax filing season is now well under way. While the time for proactive planning for the 2016 year may have passed, you may still be able to reduce or minimize your tax liability by being aware of some tax changes, deductions and credits that are missed by many business taxpayers.

New Due Dates

While this is not a planning opportunity, please be aware of some new due dates, so that penalties for late filing or late payment are not incurred.

Starting for tax years beginning after December 31, 2015, Partnerships and LLCs (Forms 1065 and related K-1s) the deadline has moved from April 15 to March 15 (or the 15th day of the 3rd month after end of tax year)

C Corporations get a breather, their due dates move back from March 15 to April 15 for a calendar year entity; S corporations remained unchanged.

FBAR – the reporting of foreign bank accounts- have moved from June 30 to April 15. There is an extension available; if you have signature authority over a foreign bank account, make sure you handle this one, as the penalties are egregious. Read more!

24 Jan 2017
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Mandatory Minimum Wage in Campbell

On January 1, 2016 the California minimum wage went into effect. For business with 26 or more employees, the new minimum wage is $10.50 with a 50 cent increase occurring on January 1, 2018. The hourly wage increases $1 per year thereafter until 2022 when the minimum wage will reach $15. For companies with less than 26 employees, the $15 wage occurs in 2023.

On January 17th the Campbell City Council heard, what we hope was the last discussion on minimum wage in the city of Campbell. This topic has been debated and reviewed by city staff, council members and business owners in Campbell for the past two years. Although most of the public testimony at the meeting was from the restaurateurs, there was some representation from broad base employers. For most, this issue felt like a forced requirement to pay the $15 hourly wage to unskilled workers and first-time employed workers. For others, the minimum wage issue means yet another bureaucracy to deal with when trying to run a business. Read more!

01 Dec 2016
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Member Spotlight: Sweeney, Mason, Wilson and Bosomworth

Chamber Gold Member Sweeney, Mason, Wilson and Bosomworth is a local law firm representing and advising local businesses and their owners since 1990.  We are experts in litigation (contract, employment, real estate, construction, trade secret, and trust/estate), corporate transactions, employment and labor law, insurance law, and trust and estate law.  We are a full-service business law firm, with each partner specializing in a specific practice area.  We deliver high-quality, result-oriented, cost-efficient legal representation to local businesses.  Read more!

24 Oct 2016
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Member Spotlight: Academy of Fencing Masters

Chamber Member Academy of Fencing Masters, believes the art of fencing trains the body and mind by teaching agility, skill and power. CEO Irina Chirashnya shares more about the philosophy of Academy of Fencing Masters in this Member Spotlight.

Fencing is a unique sport that combines great benefits such as athleticism, agility, coordination, healthy lifestyle, discipline, focus, mental sharpness and toughness. The Academy of Fencing Masters in Campbell was founded three years ago by husband and wife team, Igor and Irina Chirashnya. Their goal is to offer top-notch training in the niche sport of fencing as well as instilling critical life skills to their students. Read more!

21 Oct 2016
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Community Corner: 2016 Turkey Trot

Start Thanksgiving Day off on the right foot at the Applied Materials “Silicon Valley Turkey Trot”. Before the big games, the big meal, the parades and the pies, why not get in a little exercise with a few thousand neighbors? It’s an event the whole family will enjoy! Many have made the “run” or “walk” a Thanksgiving Day tradition.


13 Oct 2016
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Vote Yes on Measure B

With less than 30 days left until the election, we are now in the home stretch of getting Measure B across the finish line. November 8 will be the culmination of more than a three year effort to relieve traffic congestion and repair roads in Santa Clara County.

Measure B will deliver the improvements we need with the accountability we deserve.

Measure B faces a high hurdle, as it needs 66.67 percent of the vote to be successful. The 2/3rds vote requirement ensures that Measure B dollars will go solely to Measure B projects approved by voters.

On top of that, Measure B includes an additional layer of security by requiring a 75 percent vote of the 12 member VTA Board to make even a single change to the Measure. Those safeguards make Measure B one of the most specific and accountable ballot measures in recent memory.

So what does Measure B do exactly? Those details can be found in the official 75-word ballot question.
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