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12 Oct 2016
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Member Spotlight: Whole Foods

Chamber Gold Member, Whole Foods Market is changing the world, one stomach at a time.

Whole Foods in Campbell offers their customers responsibly sourced, great tasting food. Based in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods emphasizes ”natural and organic products.” The company has been ranked among the most socially responsible businesses. Customers that shop at Whole Foods are curious about healthy eating. They care about the food they eat and look to Whole Foods to provide innovative, high quality products to help them in their commitment to providing their families with the best and most nutritious foods.

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26 Sep 2016
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Campbell Chamber Hosting the City Council Candidates Forum

Every two years, Campbell installs new members in our City Council. There are four candidates running for two seats currently occupied by Council member Mike Kotowski and Mayor Jason Baker. The candidates are Richard Waterman, Phil Reynolds, Donald Young and Susan Landry.


Hosted by the Campbell Chamber of Commerce, the Candidate Forum is open to the public and is your opportunity to give your input and ask questions of the candidates. What’s bugging you, the traffic jams, speed of traffic, the population, development concerns, housing prices, rental prices, lack of housing, community events, employee costs, big government, regional dictates, homeless, vandalism, cost to build in Campbell, cost to operate a business, change in taxing method for business, new civic center, who pays for it. Whatever is on your mind, we will address at this event, allowing residents to learn more about each candidate and where they stand on a variety of issues important to our community.

The Candidates Forum will occur on October 3rd 2016 at 6pm. If you have a question or issue you’d like addressed at the forum, please submit to the Campbell Chamber of Commerce via email to the Chamber by September 30th. Please mention Candidate Forum Question in the subject line and send your email to

Anyone wishing to attend the forum is welcome to join us live in the Campbell Council Chamber at 70 North 1st Street or view it live on TV on the Campbell Community Channel 26 the evening of the event. It will be rebroadcast weekly until the November election.

For more details, click here.


16 Sep 2016
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Member Spotlight: PennyLane Frozen Yogurt & Candy

Anna Roselli grew up in Campbell and is now raising her own family as well as running her own business, PennyLane Frozen Yogurt & Candy, in her favorite city. Anna named her company after one of her fondest childhood memories, hunting for ‘treasure’ with her grandma. They would find pennies scattered near a fence near San Tomas Expressway and as a toddler, Anna always found this thrilling. And, as luck would have it, PennyLane is located in a new development at the corner of Hamilton Avenue and San Tomas Expressway adjacent to a community of townhouse called…Penny Lane.

In addition to paying homage to her own childhood, Anna wanted PennyLane Frozen Yogurt & Candy to bring to life all that is delightful about growing up to her store including bright colors, whimsical characters and a fun atmosphere. Read more!

08 Sep 2016
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Member Spotlight: Intrepid Security Systems, Inc.

As a sheriff’s deputy, Rico Sciaky frequently dealt with private security companies. He saw their flaws when it came to staffing and reliability, which motivated him to start his own company, Intrepid Security Solutions Incorporated.

Rico’s company motto is performance, not excuses. He and his staff perform for their clients, who tend to be construction sites, hotels, and apartment complexes. Intrepid also provides security for the Chamber’s Boogie on the Avenue and Oktoberfest events.

Intrepid Security System’s mission is to work closely with clients to provide a uniformed security team for the protection of client assets; protection of employees, residents and guests at a variety of events.

We invite you to learn more about Chamber Gold member, Intrepid Security Solutions in the words of it’s founder, Rico Sciaky.

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30 Aug 2016
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City Council to Decide on Minimum Wage

The Campbell City Council will be making their final vote on the minimum wage increase at the October City Council meetings. The foregone conclusion is that the City Council will join San Jose and other cities within the County in applying the $15 minimum wage to all employers.

You may remember that the State of California is already raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2022. It is a phase-in program of raising the wage to $10.50 next year, then $11.00 in 2018 and a dollar every year until it reaches $15 in 2022. Also, we can’t forget the inflation factor that is applied every year thereafter of 3.5% (that’s at least a 50 cent increase every year). Evidently this is not fast enough for the City, therefore, they want to jumpstart a quicker increase to $15 prior to 2020. Read more!

31 May 2016
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Relay For Life 2016

Relay For Life of Campbell is a 24-hour fundraiser supporting the American Cancer Society.  All funds raised support research towards cures as well as programs and services for patients and their families.

This year, the annual Relay For Life in Campbell takes place on Saturday, July 16th at 10am – Sunday, July 17th at 10am.  During these 24 hours, we celebrate our survivors and caregivers, remember our loved ones lost or still battling, and ultimately fight back against cancer!  We have music, games, activities, and fun for all ages, and you can even camp out overnight!
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27 Apr 2016
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Tips from the Top: How to find the perfect coffee & store it properly

Coffee tips from an expert

We get asked a lot on how to find the perfect coffee. We recommend buying coffee at small artisan roasters (local micro-roasters) that offer transparency and traceability on their coffees.

First of all these roasters handle smaller quantities and you get a fresher roast (coffee ages quickly and you do not want to keep it for months on the shelves). You will be able to find rare and special coffees that you will not find from large scale roasters or in large supermarket chains (there is just not enough quantity of these special beans for a large chain or a large roaster). Read more!

24 Nov 2015
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AB-1461 Motor Voter Act

All the pundits seem to want to get as many people to register to vote as possible. It is said that we must ease the barriers of registering to vote. What barriers? We can register at the library, the fire house, post office, city government offices, on the web. If it is really that difficult to register, how tough it is to vote, to pick up a pen and fill in your ballot, take it to the voting booth and use it to wiz through the official voting ballot.

The Motor Voter Bill is officially called AB-1461 Motor Voter Act. It is estimated that about 6.6 million eligible voters are not registered to vote. This bill will attempt to get them registered when they apply for or renew their driver’s licenses. At this time, information will be taken from each person for registration purposes, including party preference. There are 5 officially recognized political parties in California: American Independent, Democratic, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, Green and Republican to register you to vote. You will also be given the option to choose No Party Preference, which used to be called decline to state.

Here is how the process will work once the DMV and Secretary of State work out details. Anybody obtaining or renewing a driver’s license or gets a State Identification card, will be asked to affirm their eligibility to vote and will be given the choice of opting out of registering at that time. For those who opt in on registering, their information will be transmitted from the DMV to the secretary of state’s office, where citizenship will be verified and names will be added to the voter rolls. This should be ready by June 2016. It is also interesting to note that you are already afforded the opportunity to register to vote at the DMV, this takes it further by shoving it down your throat. Do we really need to shove the responsibility of voting down the throats of citizens to make them a caring citizen?

In our last general election in 2014, only 42.2 percent of registered voters submitted ballots and those were people who registered all by themselves without this new easy do for you program. Honestly, if you have to make it so easy to get them to register, I don’t believe that the percentage of voters will increase, quite the contrary, it will actually go down because you will have more people registered who really don’t care to be.

The belief is, if everyone votes that’s a good thing. That may be true if everyone did their homework, voting with complete knowledge of all the candidates and legislation. Personally, I research every ballot measure before I vote; it takes a bit of time, sometimes more than a day, but how can you not do your research if you really care about the country and your community? But many don’t take the time and vote blind, having done no research to understand the bill, but instead voting with the herd. An eenie meenie mini moe process just doesn’t cut it when voting for our future.

If, because of the new Motor Voter bill, more people are registered to vote, it doesn’t mean they will vote or that they will take the time to understand the issues and candidates. I hope that newly registered voters from this process take the time needed to do their homework before casting their votes.

Authored by Chamber Board Member Carl San Miguel

Highland Properties/Financial


28 Oct 2015
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How Are the Roads in Your Neighborhood?

It goes without saying that our roads are in desperate need of maintenance.

We pay taxes at the pump every time we fill up. Both State and Federal, and in some cases, local taxes are designated for road repair and maintenance. Simple research into transportation taxes and how the funds are spent will reveal “it isn’t enough” to cover what is needed to maintain our highway infrastructure. It will also divulge that our funding methods only covers about 30% of what is needed to repair our roadways. Just in case you have lost track of what you pay at the pump, the State charges 71 cents and the Feds charge 18.4 cents for every gallon of gas pumped. (It is also worth mentioning that California’s gas tax may increase by 12 cents if Senator Jim Beall gets his way.) Read more!

30 Sep 2015
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Minimum Wage – What does it mean?

Minimum Wage: What Does It Mean?

Minimum wage is the government-sanctioned hourly amount that all employers are required to pay any hourly employee. In the last few years, there has been a push to increase minimum wage and now, the City of Campbell is seeking to impose a city-wide ordinance mandating the minimum wage an employer in Campbell can pay their employees.

Additionally two other entities impose a minimum wage, the State and the Federal government. The State minimum wage is currently $9.00 per hour and is being increased to $10.00 per hour in January 2016. The Fed’s rate is at $7.25 if the employer offers Medical coverage and $8.25 without medical coverage. Since the State’s wage is higher, it trumps the Fed’s. Currently what is being proposed by the City of Campbell is $10.30 per hour to match what competing cities offer, eventually raising it to $15.00 per hour with an inflationary factor thereafter.   Read more!