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Member Spotlight: Norcal Brain Center

Norcal Brain Center is a local healthcare clinic that specializes in treating neurological disorders.   We specialize in treating Developmental Disorders such as ADHD or Autism, Dizziness, Migraines, and Concussions.  Our treatments are non-invasive and drug-free, and our goal is to fix the root cause of the issues from which people are suffering.  Our mission is to improve the health of our community so that our future generations can live a brighter and more optimized lifestyle.

Norcal Brain Center joined the Campbell Chamber of Commerce in 2016 to build relationships and get to know other small businesses in Campbell.  Community is very important to us, and we love doing business with local business owners to support our community and help it thrive.

Dr. Minh Tran, DC, DACNB, is the Clinic Director and owner of Norcal Brain Center.  His passion is working with children with developmental disorders, to let them have a chance to live a more normal life without having to deal with the struggles of their conditions.  According to Dr. Tran, “Our clinic is different because we focus on what’s actually happening in the brain of these kids.  We work with their sensory processing issues, directly rehabilitating the way they process the world.  Once we fix these processing issues, their behavior starts to normalize permanently.”

Some of Norcal Brain Center’s biggest success stories including working with children with Autism and rehabilitating them to the point where “People wouldn’t have believed that these children ever had a developmental disorder.”  We pride ourselves on changing lives and we welcome you to visit our clinic to see how we can possibly help you.


Dr. Minh Tran, DC, DACNB, Clinic Director






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