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Vote Yes on Measure B

With less than 30 days left until the election, we are now in the home stretch of getting Measure B across the finish line. November 8 will be the culmination of more than a three year effort to relieve traffic congestion and repair roads in Santa Clara County.

Measure B will deliver the improvements we need with the accountability we deserve.

Measure B faces a high hurdle, as it needs 66.67 percent of the vote to be successful. The 2/3rds vote requirement ensures that Measure B dollars will go solely to Measure B projects approved by voters.

On top of that, Measure B includes an additional layer of security by requiring a 75 percent vote of the 12 member VTA Board to make even a single change to the Measure. Those safeguards make Measure B one of the most specific and accountable ballot measures in recent memory.

So what does Measure B do exactly? Those details can be found in the official 75-word ballot question.

To relieve traffic, repair potholes; shall VTA enact a 30-year half-cent sales tax to:

– Repair streets, fix potholes in all 15 cities;
– Finish BART extension to downtown San Jose, Santa Clara;
– Improve bicycle/pedestrian safety, especially near schools;
– Increase Caltrain capacity, easing highway congestion, improving safety at crossings;
– Relieve traffic on all 9 expressways, key highway interchanges;
– Enhance transit for seniors, students, disabled;

Mandating annual audits by independent citizens watchdog committee to ensure accountability.

Each component part of Measure B snaps into place like a jigsaw puzzle, adding up to a comprehensive countywide plan to help reduce traffic and repair our roads.


What does that mean for us?

Local Road Maintenance Funds

► Each city or town will receive funds annually, based on population and road miles, over the 30 year span of the measure. For West Valley cities that amount is more than $95 million.

Expressway Congestion Relief

  • San Tomas and Highway 17
    • Interchange improvement of northbound Highway 17 off-ramp improvements to include signage at White Oaks with interconnect at San Tomas/Camden signal and lane reconfigurations.

Highway Interchange Improvements

  • Highway 280 west county improvements to address mainline congestion
    • I-280 Mainline and interchange improvements (Magdalena near Foothill, to San Mateo County line)
    • Highway 85/280 area improvements
    • Northbound Hwy 280/Foothill braided ramp
    • Northbound Hwy 280/Foothill off-ramp improvements
  • Highway 17 area improvements
    • Highway 17 corridor improvements on local streets and roads to improve traffic
    • Highways 17/9 interchange improvements

Highway 85 Corridor

  • Additional transit-only lane down the center median, study to determine the best form/type of transit, noise abatement and other solutions for the Highway 85 corridor.

Countywide Improvements

  • Mass transit operations, targeting low income, seniors, students and people with disabilities
  • Additional bicycle pedestrian improvements, especially near schools

At the Chamber our focus is finding solutions to issues to help grow our economy and improve the quality of life in our community. We believe Measure B will do both and we urge you to vote yes on Measure B.




Carl San Miguel

Chamber Board of Directors

Legislative Chair



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